YOY's <br> Analogue Watch <br> For Rado
YOY's <br> Analogue Watch <br> For Rado
Photo Credit: Rado

YOY founders Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto have created a minimal twist on the True Square watch, merging the analog function with the digital appearance.

This special edition of Rado's True Square watch was launched at Rado Design Week.

 "We wanted to create an analog watch with the character of a digital watch," Ono said in the video. 

"As everything in the world, including watches, becomes digital, we wanted to explore the curious opposite: transforming a digital thing into an analog one," he added. 

Called Rado True Square Undigital, the watch's minimal face features a set of dials that give a nod to the classic seven-segment displays of digital watch faces. 

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