Tom Dixon <br> On His Design Past <br> Present And Future
Tom Dixon <br> On His Design Past <br> Present And Future
Photo Credit: GQ Magazine

GQ visits Tom Dixon, one of Britain's leading designers, self-described as a "literally accidental". Find out what drives this curious visionary and what he thinks the future holds for the field.

"I started making things pretty much for pleasure; people started buying them, and at one point, people started calling me a designer. The kind of career twists and turns I've had have given me a very different perspective to other designers."

Tom talks about his experience on the London music scene and how he transitioned toward being a designer.

"I broke my arm in a motorbike crash, and I couldn't go on tour, but by that time I'd already started making things, so there was a kind of seamless transition, if you like, but precipitated by an accident. So I'm a totally accidental designer but literally.”

Speaking about working with metal, Tom interestingly said that it suited his impatience since the results are relatively quick. That's how his 1991 Pylon Chair came about.

"It's quite a compelling thing to melt metal and meld it together. You're watching the fire, kind of, transforming a piece of metal. It's one of those techniques that doesn't require huge amounts of skill but allows you to make things that are quite strong very fast."

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