The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy
The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy
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Learn how small, unsexy, but smart choices aligned with your vision, made consistently, lead to incredible results.

 The author of this book has interviewed six successful entrepreneurs a month, and he concluded that almost all self-made success comes as a result of a compound effect. 

"Even though the results are massive, the steps in the moment don't feel significant; the changes are subtle. They're almost imperceptible. The small changes you make every day offer no immediate result, no big win, and no obvious payoff."

It's not the easiest task to stick to the goal when the results are only incremental. We do live in an instant culture, after all. But it is possible if you're continually aligning yourself with your core values, with your Why.

"To stay true to the compound curve, we need to trade the need for immediate results for the immediate alignment with our core values. Your core values are your internal compass, your guiding beacon, your personal GPS; they act as the filter through which you run all life's demands, requests, and temptations, making sure they're leading you towards your intended destination. Getting your core values defined and properly calibrated is one of the most important steps in redirecting your life towards your grandest vision."

Our takeaway from this book summary could be summoned and paraphrased in the sentence below:

We often overestimate what we can produce in a week, but we underestimate what we can produce in a year. With the compound effect of our effort, of course.

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