Spark learning <br> and creativity by<br> Dr. John Ratey
Spark learning <br> and creativity by<br> Dr. John Ratey
Photo Credit: Ambixion

Who is The Smart Jock, and what is the influence of physical exercise on our cognitive abilities? - Animated book summary on 'spark learning' and creativity from John Ratey's book 'Spark'.

Research conducted on students in Naperville, Illinois, on a morning literacy class showed that the group of students that did morning exercises right before their class showed a 70 percent improvement in reading and comprehension compared to the other half that slept in.

"John Ratey says there is a new stereotype emerging in schools around America  - The Smart Jock. Ratey has studied the effect that exercise has on learning for over a decade. He has discovered that students who exercise before studying consistently outperform their non-active counterparts if they study the same amount of time.

What is exactly happening in our brains when we exercise? "Author John Ratey calls exercise miracle-grow for the brain. When we exercise, our bodies generate a large amount of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor  - BDNF. 

BDNF nourishes brain cell growth like a fertilizer nourishes and supports plant growth. Dr. John Ratey says BDNF gathers in reserved pools around the brain's synapses and is unleashed when we get our blood pumping." 

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