Maria Sharapova<br> on the Loneliness of <br> Losing and Winning
Maria Sharapova<br> on the Loneliness of <br> Losing and Winning
Photo Credit: Maria Sharapova

Five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova talks to Veronica Dagher about managing her money, career, and other people's expectations.

“When something comes across that's very challenging and difficult, I always say that how you handle it, no matter in what field it is, will ultimately be how you handle other things in life.”

Maria is an athlete and owner of a candy business called Sugarpova. The first time she got excited about money was after winning Wimbledon.

“I used to take trips to Los Angeles from Florida to train with a coach, and we could only afford to do that so many times during the year because of the expenses of hotels and travels. But after winning Wimbledon, we stayed at a much better hotel and I remember there was a little, yellow rubber duck and I called my manager as soon as I walked into the tub in the bathroom, and I was like, - Wow, winning Wimbledon is the best thing ever. I get this tub, and I get this rubber duck and the things that a teenager looks forward to.”

Maria also talked about what an investment means and are there any guarantees in sports.

“My family and I always made decisions based on that. It's like, well, if it doesn't work out, how much could we afford? How much do we actually have in our possession?”

She works with many women entrepreneurs and mentors them. This is her message for everyone who is just starting out:

“When you're just starting, we always feel that we have to be perfect at all different segments. I came into a candy business, not being familiar with the category, but I think there's something really cool and special about coming into a job, a certain job description, not necessarily being that, because you're able to bring in a different point of view, and you're able to have a different opinion, and even if someone has an opinion of their own, it's nice to have a challenger because I think from that is where you create a lot of great ideas.”

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