John Mayer Explains His Personal Style
John Mayer Explains His Personal Style
Photo Credit: GQ Magazine

John Mayer is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer.  In this interview for GQ, he talks about dressing in the moment, his love for Visvim, and why people in their thirties should take more risks.

“Sometimes, you just want to feel that electricity of like -  I'm gonna go outside today and I'm gonna get away with this.”

John doesn’t usually like to talk about his style and doesn’t give fashion-related interviews because he feels that everyone has become a fashion expert. “My style is about the balance between these highly differentiating, novel, interesting, far-out things and working in a new kind of a daily-wear situation. I really am seeing what I can get away with without making people go like - Oh, come on!”

He brings us back to the kind of world we lived in 2005 when he visited Japan and remembers how he discovered ROBES. “You'd go to Japan, and your cell phone wouldn't work, and that was really exciting, and you would rely on the kindness of the friends who knew other people in Japan to sort of tell you where to go. 

Pieces that have come to be associated with me are - robes. I think I've always liked the robes because it doesn't fit spiritually when you put it on, the description of a jacket, or a shirt. It becomes sort of like a rune - it’s hard to explain; it has real power to it. 

You have a certain number of points you can spend on an outfit. Let's say you have ten points. Wearing a robe is an instant six-pointer, and if you're gonna wear something that's hyperbole, you're spending most of your points, you better go jeans and a T-shirt. Personally, I like to keep it at ten.”

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