Installation Captures The Essence Of Human Movement
Installation Captures The Essence Of Human Movement
Photo Credit: Humanscale

Designed by Todd Bracher for Milan design week, this human-scale installation mimics the visitors' movements.

"The New York-based designer has created an interactive light sculpture for the manufacturer of ergonomic workplace products. 

Entitled: Bodies in Motion, the installation was designed by Bracher in collaboration with digital designers Studio The Green Eyl, and aims to capture the feeling of human movement. "We wanted to capture human movement in a way that's truly pure and very connected to Humanscale's DNA," Bracher told Dezeen. 

The installation, which is situated in the warehouse of Ventura Centrale in Milan, features a minimal representation of the human body formed of lights that respond to the movements of visitors. As their bodies are scanned by camera sensors, motorizeded lights project tightly-focused white beams onto a screen fifteen meters away. The points of light on the screen correspond to key points of the subject's body such as their head, shoulders, elbows, hands, sternum, hips, knees or feet. "

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