Inside <br> Nikolaj Coster <br> Waldau's Hidden <br>Los Angeles Home
Inside <br> Nikolaj Coster <br> Waldau's Hidden <br>Los Angeles Home
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

'Game of Thrones' star opens up the door of his super cozy house and gives us a tour around.

This LA home features a beautiful backyard garden and an impressive art collection from all over the world.

“I've been working out of L.A. for 15, 20 years and now seemed like a good time to find a place. When I then found this place, you know, obviously I wasn't sure that my wife was gonna like it, but I fell in love with it. So I thought I'm just gonna go for it and then hopefully she'll agree. A great friend that also is a good friend of my wife, Lonnie Castle and her friend Birgitta, they're interior designers. 

They said 'Why don't we help you out? Let's go in and get some furniture and then, it'll be ready when Nukaka comes over." And they did an amazing job. And I'm still married. So, it turned out okay."

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