Inside <br> Cyrielle Gulacsy’s <br> Parisian apartment
Inside <br> Cyrielle Gulacsy’s <br> Parisian apartment
Photo Credit: Vogue Paris

Parisian artist Cyrielle Gulacsy shows us her apartment, talks about what inspires her in art and design, and goes over her favorite clothes in an interview done by Vogue Paris for the Une Fille Un Style series.

 “From the artists that inspire her (think Joan Miró and James Turrell) to her love of Pointillism, we got acquainted with every aspect of her art. We also went over her favorite pieces, including a classic pair of Timberland boots, and her interior design inspirations.”

Cyrielle mostly works with paint, but she recently started experimenting with volume and moving components. Her interest in drawing started early on - her parents are both architects, and they were the ones who put pencils in her hands.

“My work is about reality. A reality that is not necessarily recognizable to the human eye nor perceptible. Right now, I'm working on light: how space and distance alter it, how space can also distort it, and how the material that it is made of, which is inaccessible, could reveal itself if we were able to observe it. At first, pointillism was a technique that I used more because I liked the way it created substance, how it created contrast and that the substance itself, in part, is made up of atoms and particles. It has become normal to use this technique to represent it.”

She likes to dress simply. Basic clothes she feels comfortable in. 

“I like not having to ask myself too many questions when I choose my outfit. I'll grab a T-shirt or a blouse and some jeans or trousers, and if they're stained, they'll be for work, and if they aren't, I'll go out with them or wear them for everyday life. I try to choose things that will last over time. I prefer quality. I've had these Timberlands for a little while now that I wear with everything because they're sporty and classy at the same time. Otherwise, I wear sneakers for work.”

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