How to Get <br> Your Brain to <br>Focus
How to Get <br> Your Brain to <br>Focus
Photo Credit: Alex Stand

In the age of many distractions, the ability to focus is key to living a productive and creative life.

TED recently described Chris Bailey as possibly "The most productive man you'd ever hope to meet.". He is a bestselling author and has helped many organizations worldwide become more productive. Chris has written hundreds of articles on productivity and was covered in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, The Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, TED, Fortune, Fast Company, and Lifehacker. 

"The latest research is clear: the state of our attention determines the state of our lives. So how do we harness our attention to focus deeper, get distracted less, and even become more creative? Chris Bailey, the author of the recent book Hyperfocus, talks about how our ability to focus is the key to productivity, creativity, and living a meaningful life." 

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