How a Harvard Professor Makes Transforming <br> Toys & Designs
How a Harvard Professor Makes Transforming <br> Toys & Designs
Photo Credit: Le Laboratoire Cambridge

One of the most exciting stories about toys, inspired by origami and patterns in nature.

When Chuck Hoberman first created his sphere, he didn't expect it to be the most iconic toy in the 1990s. His primary goal was exploring unusual forms of design.

"I asked myself - How can I make an object transform the way we see clouds transforming in the sky, or a time-lapse of a flower unfolding? What if we could make physical objects in our lives that actually do that over the "Chuck Hoberman's eponymous sphere is one of the best-loved toys of the last quarter-century. But it's only one example of his incredible work in transformable design. From adaptive nanotech to flexible building materials, Hoberman has created surprising and inventive designs at every scale."

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