Anya <br> Taylor-Joy inside my beauty bag
Anya <br> Taylor-Joy inside my beauty bag
Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar UK

The actress opens up her beauty bag and shares her beauty tips and secrets with us, including her self care rituals.

Anya is very busy these days. She recently starred in an adaptation of Jane Austen's beloved 1815 novel "Emma" and is also the face of Viktor & Rolf's fragrance, Flowerbomb Dew. 

The best advice she's ever been given is to accentuate what you already have and not to try and hide anything or cover up mistakes; because they're not mistakes. They're your face, and you're beautiful.

"In the video interview above, Taylor-Joy talks us through her love of scent – including her perfume application technique ensuring she resembles "a walkable bouquet." Plus, she opens up her beauty bag, revealing why crystals and palo santo sticks help keep her grounded; shares her hair conditioner-care secrets; diet and exercise ethos and the relaxation rituals helping her connect with self care."

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