Branding <br> Grown Alchemist Skincare
Branding <br> Grown Alchemist Skincare
Photo Credit: Amr Elwan

This project is part of the PROJECT SPOTLIGHT series, which includes the best projects in the world of branding, architecture, and photography.

Here is the branding of Grown Alchemist Skincare created by Amr Elwan.

"Through the understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolization, Grown Alchemist formulates products representing a new evolution in skincare. Scientifically-innovative formulas are сарable of influencing the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin. Grown Alchemist product innovation is at the forefront of progress being made in medicine, nutrition, pharmаcology, dermatology, genetics, and psychology. Through a holistiс scientific apprоach, we identify the mechanisms that regulate the aging process of the body and skin. As a beauty company of the future, we operate over several professional disciplines to leverage the body's natural capability to slow and, in many cases, reverse the aging of the body and, in particular, the skin."

Amr Elwan is a freelance graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more of his work, click here to check his website.